Well here we are in the middle of a Worldwide lockdown and everything has been turned on its head, every aspect of life has changed for everyone. We are lucky, we retired in 2015 from professional full time DJing and as you know only now play at Tidy parties and special occasions. However lets spare a thought for our fellow DJs who currently have no bookings in their diary through no fault of their own, people like Rob Tissera, BK, Lisa Pin Up, Andy Whitby and many more who income and lively hood is based around playing events all over the UK.

Some of our fellow DJ colleges have diversified in recent years and alongside their DJ income they make money elsewhere, the likes of Rob Tissera and BK now teach music production and DJing full time, and a lot of this is done online which is a blessing. Both are currently working on a new project for Tidy Pro… a new exciting project we can’t talk to much about just yet.

Anyway this short update isn’t about Tidy’s plans and the Coronavirus issues, its about what we are up to while working from home. Streaming and playlist are king at the moment, especially with lockdown – also its been a very long time since you saw a Tidy Boys DJ chart, and here we have complied one thats based on tracks thats may appear in our forthcoming album – The Tidy Boys 2020 Annual. This was scheduled for a April release but has now been put back to a May release, but you can’t scan our chart and get yourself excited at whats to come, lots of new stuff you won’t have heard yet.

It’s great Glamzoo is expanding into other area’s, we love the new Streaming Library section on here and with lots of other new features it feels like its going to be then stop shop of all things hard house.

Checkout our DJ chart and our Weekender Anthems playlist, perfect for long isolation periods.


01 : Tissera & Priestly – Aspirations
02 : Tidy Boys – Pump It Up
03 : Bush Babies – Delicious (BK / Nicholson Remixes)
04 : James Revill – Belgium Dirt
05: Adam Taylor – Time Flies
06: Jon Doe – The Night NRG
07 : Ben Vennard & Hayz – Quiet
08 : Starquake – Hold Me (Hostage)
09 : Disco Tits – You Smell (Red City Remix)
10 : Jas Van Houten – Moving On (Untidy Dub)


Tidy vs Nukleuz album
Tidy Pro (Production courses)
Leisure Deluxe Lo-Fi label
Tidy Boys 2020 Birthday Annual
Glamzoo / Tidy Media Studio build
Tidy Pioneer Relaunch
New Audio Podcasts / Radio Shows for Streaming
Tidy TV
LivePure Energy Go Fitness Music
Hard House Producer Series – Colin Barratt
Tidy 25 Weekender
Tidy Pioneer Relaunch

Tidy Boys


01 : Til Tears Do Us Part (Tidy Boys Mash Up) – Heavens’ Cry / Tidy Boys
02 : Once Again – Succargo
03 : The Freakz – Knuckleheadz
04 : It’s About Music – Jez & Charlie
05 : Lee Haslam – Music is The Drug
06 : Back to Earth (S.h.o.k.k Remix) – Cosmic Gate
07 : Playing With Knives – BK
08 : F*ck Da Beatz – Stimulant DJs
09 : Where Are You Know – The Generator
10 : Let The Music Play – Walt
11 : Samsara – Dave Holmes
12 : Just A Felling – BK
13 : Khemikal Imbalance – BK & Andy Farley
14 : Flash : BK & Nick Sentience
15 : Only Me (Stimulant DJs Remix) – Hyperlogic
16 : Everybody Move Your Body – Stimulant DJs
17 : (Instru)Mental – Nick Sentience
18 : RAW009 (Guy McAffer Remix) – Guy McAffer
19 : The Dawn (Paul King Remix) – Tony De Vit
20 : Yamamba – RR Fierce

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