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Glamzoo Media have launched a brand new label called Leisure Deluxe, which is a new collective of established electronic hard house music producers creating experimental LoFi beats under anonymous pseudonyms. The first release is an album called Flying Low, which features a range of ambient and downtempo music for all occasions. LoFi lovers, Chill Heads and Electronic Lounge enthusiasts will love this, if you’re a fan of Air, Lemon Jelly, Zero 7, Mr Scruff and Kinobe you will find this a perfect playlist.

Flying Low Volume 1 offers a showcase snapshot from this new labels key producers, its something me (Amadeus) personally has been wanting to do for years, my background and love for loungecore and electronic easy listing has been with me for over 25 years. In fact we tabled with it in 1998 with and album called Cocktail 2000, which was an ironic twist on current pop and dance tracks done by the Lance Gambit Trio. It was championed by John Peel and ended up to be a cult classic… in fact that album will be the second release on Leisure Deluxe, a remastered re-release, first time it will be available for streaming.

The concept for this new Lofi project started in the summer of 2009, myself (Amadeus) and Paul Chambers (Flash Harry) wrote 2 tracks under the name Mansfield, these were Atmosfera and Sunrise In Your Eyes, we had no outlet for them back then and streaming had only just started, so we shelved those tracks until now.

In January this year we decide to unearth the Mansfield tracks and play them to the rest of the team here at Tidy… from here Leigh Green, Sam Townend, Dave Jackson and Colin Barratt jumped at the chance to make a couple of tracks each for a project album called Flying Low. Even my son Max got in on the act and produced a fantastic track called ‘Make This Work’.

All the producers involved came back to me with tracks and said they really enjoyed it, a change from making Hard House or Tech House… they loved it because we had no boundaries, we could go any way we wanted. There is no real set formulas, also you can have some fun, as Leigh and me did with Hugh & Margaret and Sam did with his two Toffee Socks tracks, Puffin & Good Boy.

Lofi and Electronica Lounge is big news on streaming, in fact it’s one of the most streamed genres on all the platforms. We have realised for many years that away from hard house clubbers always have a varied music taste and we think this is a welcome alternative and our new Leisure Deluxe label with satisfy those varied and ecleptic tastes.

Let me run through the tracks list for you and explain who created which tracks.


Sunrise (In Your Eyes)

Originally produced in 2009 by Amadeus Mozart & Paul Chambers, this was a track inspired by an Ibiza sunrise. Swelling strings and uplifting chords give this slow groove a feel good vibe and it opens the Flying Low album.


Kick Back and Relax

Produced and written by David Jackson (Digital Mafia) this track has a very moody chilled vibe. Dave was the first to deliver his LoFi tracks after the two Mansfield ones had been produced and epic grower… the more we listen to this one the more we love it.


25 AM
Make This Work

Produced by Max Mozart and co written by Max and his friend Jamie Benkert (ex-X Factor finalist) this track has more of a current feel and features the vocals of fellow Northampton friend ‘Broge” whose voice is perfect for this track.


Swamp Donkey

A familiar producer you all know and love from Tidy’s history is Colin Barratt, who now produces House and Techno under the guise Hauswerks. Colin has a studio in the same offices as Tidy / Glamzoo and was very keen to get involved in the LoFi vibe. Under the name Swamp Donkey he as two tracks on this album.

Toffee Socks

Toffee Socks
Good Boy

Under the name Toffee Socks, Sam Townend has lightened the mood of the album with a quirky couple of Lemon Jelly style tracks. Sam love of dogs and silly samples made this a really catchy groove and once again grows with each play.


Les Verde Orchestra
Terminally Chill

Les Verde is Leigh Green and if you know your Italian you will know why. This first outing by Leigh has a very early 20th century big band, orchestra flow, its sample has a ghostly Titanic feel about it… very chilled though.



This was the first track to be created for the album way back in July 2009, This track has a James Bond, John Barry film score feel to it. The name Mansfield by Paul and me comes from one of our favourite TV theme writers Keith Mansfield.

Les Verde Orchestra

Les Verde Orchestra
Black Friday

Les Verde’s second track on the album, again produced by Leigh Green has a real Portishead feel about it. Thick deep percussion and sorted baseline gives this a very atmospheric feel and has to be one of my personal favourites.


Les Verde Orchestra
Hugh & Margret

Leigh (Les) teams up with me (Amadeus) to create a real retro happy groove. The sample comes from a vary rare album (A Crossroads LP 1981), the piano line is very catchy and may stick in your head for weeks.


Gone Away

Dave Jacksons second track on the album and this is the one that really did get stuck in my head every night I went to bed during all of February. The vocals are haunting and distinctive, Dave said he had worked on this for a long time, even before the LoFi project was started.


Toffee Socks
The Puffin

If this doesn’t lighten the mood nothing will, Sam did this track in a day, he had an inspired sample idea, commissioned the vocal and sampled Puffin noises to make the main hook of the track… inspired.


Swamp Donkey
Level Up

Colin Barratt finishes the with a track inspired by the music you get looped on video games between levels… that loading track that makes you wait while it refreshes to the next level. It also makes us feel very relaxed and helps us sleep.

Cocktail 2000 (remastered) and Flying Low Volume Two.

If you would like to stream or download Flying Low Volume One, then click on the button below. 

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    What a cracking album, every track is a gem.

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