Tidy Trax Is Back With A Bang

One of the biggest hard house classics makes a comeback this year after first surfacing 24 years ago. Johnny Dangerous has an exclusive listen to the new mixes of Bush Babies ‘Delicious’, his all-time favourite from back in the day and he isn’t disappointed…

It’s 1998 and a record drops onto my door step. Bush Babies Delicious on Dave Randall’s Chug & Bump label with it’s Dave Randal Country Club Mix and Knuckleheadz Remix goes down a storm in my sets. The record was first released two years earlier but it’s these mixes that catch my ear. Chug N’ Bump is a label that Tony De Vit was a huge fan of and Randall went on to produce and release many more similar sounds as the years went by.

It is now March 2020, times have changed and a dropbox link appears in Facebook messenger. I open it and to my amazement I see a folder named TIDY270T – Delicious. The tracks download in seconds and within s few seconds of playing the first track something happens that hasn’t happened since Tony first gave me a TP of I Don’t Care… My arms come out in goosebumps. On remix duties 22 years later are BK and Nicholson who both offer their own interpretation of this classic hard houser and what a reworking!


BK has captured the entire spirit of the hard house original within his reworked version. It’s trademark BK, tough kick, throbbing bassline, ferocious synths and I am so pleased that he has recreated the original breakdown… that always made the track and always will in my opinion. The ironic thing is this is almost like finding a lost master from back then and it slotting right in today. This would easily have fitted in so nicely on the original late 90’s releases and the Trade DJs would have been all over this.


We spoke to BK about his remix.

“It’s always a pleasure to be asked remix a classic Although sometimes they can be one of the hardest jobs to do. More than often remixing a big classic seems like a good idea at the time but can often lead to pulling your hair out . Especially if you are a big fan of the original because I always think “ I’ll never beet the original  mix”
Remixing a track like this is a tenuous task. What do you do to avoid doing the track damage? Ben replies,

“To be honest when it comes to big classics like this I just try keep it simple.  Update the original and add my own little stamp to it.  If it’s not broken don’t fix but you can add a little upgrade or two.”

Nicholson has gone full blown trance European express with a version of the track that will appeal to the likes of your Armin Van Buuren’s and Ferry Corsten’s as well as the more commercial edged Judge Jules’ and Dave Pearce’s. It’s a massive crossover trance belter with some very tasty builds and a bubbling acid riff running throughout. If you are looking for a slice of heaven then the breakdown will take you there as it slowly builds before launching you towards the stars.

Nicholson reworks the original into a state of euphoria Carl told me, “I was as asked to remix it as I saw they were considering releasing new versions in 2020. I begged thee question. As I’d had some success with my remix of the Quench classic ‘Dreams’ they gave me a shot at it. The track has always been a favourite for me ever since I heard Tony play it at Trade, the Dave Randall mix to be exact. It has been a privilege!”

This is how remixes should be done. There are so many over complicated and overcomplicated remixes that just don’t do it but this ticks all the boxes. There is no doubt about it, this will be one of the most anticipated and biggest releases to surface this year. Give yourselves a pat on the back! guys

Bush Babies Delicious is out now on Tidy.

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