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The Surprising Tales of Sam Townend (16GB USB)

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The fifth instalment of the ‘Hard House Producer’ series continues with Tidy’s long term label manager Sam Townend stepping up to provide a complete snapshot of his studio history!

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A brand new USB featuring over 100 tracks and various DJ mixes by Sam Townend.

You may be quite surprised at just how much music has been created over his 20 year career! 

  • Over 100 original tracks and remixes
  • Exclusive ‘DJ Only’ edits
  • Unreleased tracks
  • Selection of exclusive DJ mixes and DJ edits.

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Track Lists

Alex Calver & Sam Townend – Shake It.wav

Alex Calver & Sam Townend – Riot Gear.wav

All Boxed In – Happen (Maddox & Townend DD Dub) .wav

All Boxed In – Happen (Maddox & Townend Offbeat Thunder Mix).wav

Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Mouse Shack.wav

Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Xchange & Mart.wav

Astrobass – Astrobass.wav

Astrobass – False Alarm.wav

Audio Punk & Stereo Junkie – Shock Me .wav

Ben Stevens – Hold It (Sam & Deano’s Stinker Remix).wav

Ben Stevens & Sam Townend – Underground Funk.wav

Ben Stevens vs Sam & Deano – Rescue Me (Original Mix).wav

BK & Ilogik – Real Life (Maddox & Townend Remix).wav

BK & Lucy Fur – Get Hot (Untidy Dub).wav

Bk & Sam Townend – Drop To Your Knees.wav

BK & Sam Townend – Allnight.wav

BK & Sam Townend – I Can’t Wait.wav

BK & Sam Townend – Ultimate.wav

BK vs. Sam & Deano – Switch!.wav

BOOTEK 001 – My My My.wav

Chris Impact & Sam Townend – Incoming.wav

Energy Syndicate vs Sam & Deano – Ruffneck Bass (Dj Tool).wav

John Whitemann – Trappy Lil’s Madness (Sam Townend & Jon BW Remix).wav

Jon BW – Council House (The Tidy DJs Tower Block Remix).wav

Klubfiller & Sam Townend – Massive Banger.wav

Klubfilller vs Sam & Deano – Panda Pop.wav

Kym Ayres – Take it Easy (Tidy DJ’s Remix).wav

Kym Ayres Feat Technikal – ‘More & More’ (Untidy Dub).wav

Lee Pasch – Emotion (Back To The Dub Remix).wav

Leigh Green – High (Sam Townend Remix).wav

Maddox & Townend – All I Need.wav

Maddox & Townend – Different Story.wav

Maddox & Townend – Higher Ground.wav

Maddox & Townend – Sweatdown.wav

Organ Donors – Turntablism (The Tidy DJs Ass Scratching Remix).wav

Paul Maddox & The Tidy DJs – Nut Job.wav

Paul Maddox meets The Tidy DJs – Rave Cat.wav

Rodi Style – I like to party (Sam and Deano’s party starting remix).wav

Rodi Style meets Sam Townend – Nasty Time (master).wav

Sam & Deano – 212.wav

Sam Townend – Love You More.wav

Sam Townend – Make The World Go Round.wav

Sam Townend – My Mind.wav

Sam Townend & Alex Calver – Get Down.wav

Sam Townend & Alex Calver – Pervert.wav

Sam Townend & Alex Calver – Repeat .wav

Sam Townend & Ben Stevens – Flash Power.wav

Sam Townend & Ben Stevens – Lose My mind.wav

Sam Townend & Chris Impact – Kodak Moment.wav

Sam Townend & Jon BW – How Can I Love You (Take You Back).wav

Sam Townend & Jon BW – Scream For Daddy (Original Mix).wav

Sam Townend & Tik Tok – Warm Up Tackle .wav

Sam Townend feat KTB – Yeah Jackie.wav

Sam Townend, LOX & Leigh Green – Pornotash.wav

Scott Attrill – Girls Love Techno (Sam Townend Remix).wav

Scott Fo Shaw – Funk 81 (Sam & Deano Remix).wav

Serotonin Soul – Need U 2 Feel (Maddox & Townend Muckeh Dub).wav

Serotonin Soul – Need U 2 Feel (Original Mix).wav

SilkandStones – Let There Be House (Maddox & Townend Remix).wav

SJ & Baby Doc – I Need U (Untidy Dub).wav

Smokin Bert Cooper – Getting Warm (Sam Townend Remix).wav

Swack – 2am.wav

Swack – Drop The Bomb.aif

Swack – Got it Back.wav

Swack – Over Me.wav

Swack – Swack is Swack.wav

Swack – Unmanagable.wav

Swack vs Hotwire – Drum Beats.wav

Technikal & Sam Townend – It’s Over Baby.wav

Technikal & The Tidy DJs – The Power.wav

Tidy DJs – Strings for Yasmin.wav

Tidy DJs – Time.aif

Townend Van Helden.wav

Trauma – Stone Rocking – Untidy Remix.wav

Untidy Dubs – Show The People.wav

Untidy Dubs – So Good.wav

Untidy Dubs – Wobbler.wav

Untidy Dubs Presents Crimson.wav

Untidy Dubs Vol6 – A Little Something.wav

Untidy Dubs Vol6 – Broken Heart.wav

Untidy Dubs Vol6 – Use It Or Lose.wav

Whoredry Roberts – Off The Rails (Sam Townend Remix).wav

Wynthenshaw & Maloney – Umbongo (Sam Townend & Alex Calver Remix)


x7 Exclusive DJ only tracks (previously unreleased)


Alex Power & Sam Townend – Cash Monies (UNRELEASED).wav

BK & Sam Townend – The Whistle Blower (Unreleased).wav

Maddox & Townend – Let Me Go (UNRELEASED).wav

Maddox & Townend – Not Around (UNRELEASED).wav

Sam Townend – Burn The Sirens (BLEEP MIX – UNRELEASED).wav

Sam Townend – Burn The Sirens (UNRELEASED).wav

Sam Townend – Freak (UNRELEASED).wav

Sam Townend – Mash It Up (UNRELEASED).wav

Sam Townend & Digital Mafia – Bounce Back (UNRELEASED).wav

DJ Mixes

Paul Maddox & Sam Townend – LIVE at Tidy vs Nukleuz VINYL ONLY SET. 31.07.15.mp3

Sam Townend – Classic Speed Garage Set- Queen Vic – TWR – WOBBLER.wav

Sam Townend – Live @ TRADE. 14.12.2013.mp3

Sam Townend Live @ The Ideal Weekender .mp3

TRADE 25 – The Final – Jon Langford & Sam Townend.mp3


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