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The Cream Of Ben Stevens (32GB USB)


32GB USB – OVER 32 HOURS OF MUSIC – OVER 320 TRACKS – yes 320 tracks…

The series continues that features some of the finest hard house producers of our time, and this USB could be the greatest of all time, maybe the most prolific producer in hard house is Mr Ben Stevens.

The Cream Of Ben Stevens is exactly what the title suggest, however there is over 320 delightful bits of cream. It’s a showcase of this mans talent.

This MASSIVE collection of music is a piece of hard house history – and never before have we put so many tracks in such a sexy USB

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Track Lists

A vs B – After Earth.wav
A vs B – Bad Man 2015 (The Bigger & Badder Mix).wav
A vs B – Bass Face.wav
A vs B – Blunt Girls.wav
A vs B – Control Your Mind.wav
A vs B – Double Drop.wav
A vs B – Gap Attack.wav
A vs B – Mace In Your Face.wav
A vs B – Massive Volume.wav
A vs B – Mental Stab.wav
A vs B – Miracle Maker.wav
A vs B – Mother Trucker.wav
A vs B – Remember To Dance.wav
A vs B – Signs Of Life.wav
A vs B – Sonic Rampage.wav
A vs B – The Gap Is Back.wav
A vs B – Trouble In Wonderland.wav
A vs B – We Started That.wav
A vs B – We’re Gunna Make It.wav
A vs B – Welcome To The Pleasure Gnome.wav
A vs B – You Just Don’t Care.wav
A vs B vs J – Tallulah (Extended Bitch Mix).wav
Adam M & Dave Owens – Tango (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Adam M & Gary O’Connor – Drop It (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Amber D – I Got a Feelin (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Andy Farley & Ben Townsend – The Rumbler (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Andy Farley & JoJo – Mr Porky (Ben Stevens & Adam M Remix).wav
Attitude feat. Lord Kaos – Dark Forces (A vs B vs J Remix).wav
Ben Stevens – Attack.wav
Ben Stevens – Bang Whizz.wav
Ben Stevens – Beat This.wav
Ben Stevens – Cast A Shadow.wav
Ben Stevens – Close Your Eyes.wav
Ben Stevens – Confusion.wav
Ben Stevens – Crowd Rocker.wav
Ben Stevens – Deep Underground.wav
Ben Stevens – Dreamer.wav
Ben Stevens – Dreaming.wav
Ben Stevens – Energizer.wav
Ben Stevens – Feel Good.wav
Ben Stevens – Feel The Force.wav
Ben Stevens – For What You Dream Of.wav
Ben Stevens – Frequency Response.wav
Ben Stevens – Fresh Beats.wav
Ben Stevens – Funked Off.wav
Ben Stevens – Gangster Beat.wav
Ben Stevens – Hiphopopotamus.wav
Ben Stevens – Hold It.wav
Ben Stevens – Hooj Grooves.wav
Ben Stevens – Ignite.wav
Ben Stevens – Into The Future.wav
Ben Stevens – Just Fcuk.wav
Ben Stevens – Keep On Moving.wav
Ben Stevens – Kurbcrawling.wav
Ben Stevens – Low Battery.wav
Ben Stevens – Mean Streak.wav
Ben Stevens – Move Your Feet.wav
Ben Stevens – Music Is My Life.wav
Ben Stevens – Naked.wav
Ben Stevens – Odyssey.wav
Ben Stevens – Powerfull.wav
Ben STevens – Prophecy.wav
Ben Stevens – Pwomp It Up.wav
Ben Stevens – Ravey Days.wav
Ben Stevens – Red Mist.wav
Ben Stevens – Repeat.wav
Ben Stevens – Rewind.wav
Ben Stevens – Squeeze.wav
Ben Stevens – Super Groover.wav
Ben Stevens – Supernova.wav
Ben Stevens – Swarm (Hard Mix).wav
Ben Stevens – Swarm (Light Mix).wav
Ben Stevens – Tell Me Why.wav
Ben Stevens – The Business.wav
Ben Stevens – The Enforcer.wav
Ben Stevens – The Machine.wav
Ben Stevens – The Power.wav
Ben Stevens – The Vous.wav
Ben Stevens – The Warning.wav
Ben Stevens – Trouser Snake.wav
Ben Stevens – Turbulence.wav
Ben Stevens – Understand THAT (TDV Mashup).wav
Ben Stevens – Voodoo.wav
Ben Stevens – Wake Up Call.wav
Ben Stevens – We Are All The Same.wav
Ben Stevens – West Rock.wav
Ben Stevens & Abandon – Traumatic.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Bad Man.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Covonia.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – It Began In Rotherham.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Massiveness.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Mind Bender.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – My F-ing House.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Orange Thrush.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Rock N Raver.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Take That.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Why Can’t You See (Ben Stevens Vocal Mix).wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Why Can’t You See.wav
Ben Stevens & Adam M vs Dave Neale – Bean Machine – Hi Oktane .wav
Ben Stevens & Amber D – Give It On Up.wav
Ben Stevens & Amber D – H20.wav
Ben Stevens & Andy Farley – Bring The Bean Bag.wav
Ben Stevens & Andy Farley – Catwalk.wav
Ben Stevens & Andy Farley – Got To Be There.wav
Ben Stevens & Andy Farley – High As You Like.wav
Ben Stevens & Andy Farley – Move Your Rover.wav
Ben Stevens & Andy Farley – Salt Shaker.wav
Ben Stevens & Andy Farley – Stop The Chat.wav
Ben Stevens & Audox – Stand Up.wav
Ben Stevens & Banga Matt – Zambata.wav
Ben Stevens & Base Graffiti – Signal Jam.wav
Ben Stevens & Binary Filth – Ikarus II.wav
Ben Stevens & BK – Nation.wav
Ben Stevens & BoneIDOL – Go In Hard.wav
Ben Stevens & Bryan Doyle – Chinook.wav
Ben Stevens & Cally Gage – Kick The Flow.wav
Ben Stevens & Cally Gage – No Regrets.wav
Ben Stevens & Captain Tinrib – Dirty Mushroom.wav
Ben Stevens & Costa Pantazis – Supercollider.wav
Ben Stevens & Cupra – Black Hole.wav
Ben Stevens & Damien Blanes – Did You Like That!.wav
Ben Stevens & Damien Blaze – Control Your Soul.wav
Ben Stevens & Damien Blaze – Turn It Up.wav
Ben Stevens & Dave Curtis – Cybertron.wav
Ben Stevens & Dave Neale – Devastating Rhythm.wav
Ben Stevens & Dave Owens – Royale With Cheese.wav
Ben Stevens & Dave Owens – Something About A Tuba.wav
Ben Stevens & Deanossa – No Harm Done.wav
Ben Stevens & Defective Audio – Radio Telescope.wav
Ben Stevens & Discam – Work It.wav
Ben Stevens & Dr Device – Send Them To The Cemetery.wav
Ben Stevens & Dynamic Intervention – Burnout.wav
Ben Stevens & Frank Farrell – Mugged Off.wav
Ben Stevens & Frank Farrell – Tramadan.wav
Ben Stevens & Future Resonance – Sequential.wav
Ben Stevens & Gary Byrne – Hot Dog.wav
Ben Stevens & Gary O’Connor – In My Mind.wav
Ben Stevens & Gaz F – Backwards Man.wav
Ben Stevens & Gaz F – Existence Is Futile.wav
Ben Stevens & Gaz F – Eyes Wide Shut.wav
Ben Stevens & Gaz Gibson – Critical Level.wav
Ben Stevens & James Devlin – Namedrop.wav
Ben Stevens & James K – My Feeling.wav
Ben Stevens & James Valentin – Extermination.wav
Ben Stevens & Jeff Payne – Digital Drugs.wav
Ben Stevens & Jeff Payne – Mortal Wombat.wav
Ben Stevens & Jeff Payne – Phazer Blazer.wav
Ben Stevens & Jeff Payne – Who Dat.wav
Ben Stevens & Jimmy Dean – Turn Yourself In.wav
Ben Stevens & JoJo – Boogie Bang.wav
Ben Stevens & JoJo – Nothing Held Back.wav
Ben Stevens & Jon BW – Turn It Up 2007.wav
Ben Stevens & Jon BW – Turn It Up.wav
Ben Stevens & Justin Daniels – Renegade.wav
Ben Stevens & K1 – My Rave.wav
Ben Stevens & Karl Davis – Chemical Reaction.wav
Ben Stevens & Kris O’Rourke – Get Up & Jam.wav
Ben Stevens & Lee Mills – Stronger.wav
Ben Stevens & Lefty – Epic.wav
Ben Stevens & Lefty – Hesitate.wav
Ben Stevens & Lefty – Torpedo.wav
Ben Stevens & Leigh Green – You Bitch.wav
Ben Stevens & Manik – Strawberry Jam.wav
Ben Stevens & Marc Johnson – Reactivate.wav
Ben Stevens & Marc Lewis – Convolution.wav
Ben Stevens & Mark Maitland – Efficiency.wav
Ben Stevens & Mark Maitland vs WMD – Devils Trix.wav
Ben Stevens & Matt Clarkson – Electrons.wav
Ben Stevens & Matt Clarkson – Take You Deeper.wav
Ben Stevens & Matt Pickup – Waikiki Sneaky.wav
Ben Stevens & Michael Smith – Dominate.wav
Ben Stevens & Michael Smith – Never Give Up.wav
Ben Stevens & Mick Doyle – Bringin The House Down.wav
Ben Stevens & Mick Doyle – Dream Catcher.wav
Ben Stevens & Mini Minx – Audio Jam.wav
Ben Stevens & MIRIC – Crazy Perfection.wav
Ben Stevens & Mumbles – Hypnotize.wav
Ben Stevens & Mylo R – Carpe Noctum.wav
Ben Stevens & Mylo.R – Beautitude.wav
Ben Stevens & Mylo.R – Enlightened.wav
Ben Stevens & Mylo.R – Vigilant.wav
Ben Stevens & Nik Denton – In Your Dreams.wav
Ben Stevens & Nik Denton – Piano Factor.wav
Ben Stevens & Noo Noo – Antisocial.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul King – Freak The Funk.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – Give Me Sanctuary.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – Gravity.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – Heaven Sent (Trance-Pennine Express Remix).wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – Heaven Sent.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – I Need It.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – In Your Hands.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – Let The Music Play.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – Mega Sweep vs Giant Octowoosh.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – Melting Pot.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – To The Bass.wav
Ben Stevens & Paul Stacey – Let’s Hoover.wav
Ben Stevens & Phil York – Open Up.wav
Ben Stevens & Phil York – Paradise.wav
Ben Stevens & Rattez – A Blazin’ Symphony.wav
Ben Stevens & Rattez – Astral Projection.wav
Ben Stevens & Rattez – Enigmatic Emotions.wav
Ben Stevens & Rattez – Essential Tremor.wav
Ben Stevens & Rattez – Technical Warfare.wav
Ben Stevens & Rattez – Thunderstruck.wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – Age of Love.wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – Chaos Theory.wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – Cold Pizza.wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – Heart Attack.wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – I Can’t Help Myself.wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – In Control.wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – The Eternal.wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – U Got 2 Know.wav
Ben Stevens & Ross Homson – Flemish Weaver.wav
Ben Stevens & Ross Homson – Pussy Galore.wav
Ben Stevens & Sam Townend – Flash Power.wav
Ben Stevens & Sam Townend – Game Over.wav
Ben Stevens & Sam Townend – Lose Your Head.wav
Ben Stevens & Sam Townend – Underground Funk.wav
Ben Stevens & Serious Soundz – Rock With Me.wav
Ben Stevens & Skol – Massiah.wav
Ben Stevens & Stephen Walker – Mastermind.wav
Ben Stevens & Steve McCone – Machine Man.wav
Ben Stevens & Stone Cold – Unknown Enemy.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Abrakebabra.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Alice In Hooverland.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Amsterdancing.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Bangers & Gash.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Dubtanian & The 3 Must Get Beers.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Five Fingered.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Gary Gurner.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Moonshine.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Muscle Mary.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Scratch & Sniff.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Smart E’s.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Speaker Freaker.wav
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Trips & Chips..wav
Ben Stevens & The Trip Advisors – Big Boss.wav
Ben Stevens & Tim Stokes – Ganimede.wav
Ben Stevens & Trauma – Heat It Up.wav
Ben Stevens & UK Gold – On The Spot.wav
Ben Stevens & VaderMonkey- Burning Bush.wav
Ben Stevens vs Damage & Narkotique – Better Watch Out.wav
Ben Stevens vs Gaz F & Neil Bee – Cake Hole.wav
Ben Stevens vs Hard House Masters – Recycled Loops.wav
Ben Stevens vs Justin Daniels & Jamie R – No Holding Back.wav
Ben Stevens vs Konekt & Rich Resonate – The Knopfler Effect.wav
Ben Stevens vs Lox & Leigh Green – Groove Pool.wav
Ben Stevens vs Matt Edwards & BoneIDOL – Crash & Burn.wav
Ben Stevens vs Sam & Deano – Rescue Me.wav
Ben Stevens vs Taz & Damo – Big Fat Rotten Roger!.wav
Ben Stevens, Tim Clewz & Alex Calver – Damn Thing.wav
BK & Jamie Haig – Rough Trade (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Butcher Boy – Fire Bomb (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Chris C – Freefall (Adam M & Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Chris Edwards – I Wanna Know (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Costa Pantazis & Energy Syndicate – Rave Detonator (Ben Stevens & Adam M Remix).wav
Curve Pusher – Protocol (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
D-Fi – Come With Me (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Dark By Design – Your Love (Ben Stevens & Rodi Style Remix).wav
Dave Owens – Massive Dynamics (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Defective Audio – The Creator (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Discam vs Ben Stevens & Adam M – Kut N Jam.wav
Energy Uk Dj’s – Hackney Funk (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
F1 – Alright (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
F1 – MuthaFuckinTwisted (Ben Stevens Remix)
Fran Dunne & Duni- Under The Influence (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Gary O’Connor & Boca Byrne – Magnificent (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Generate – Freedom.wav
Granity feat Cybil – Angels (Ben Stevens Dub).wav
Granity feat Cybil – Angels (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Haziza – One More (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Hotwirez – Remember.wav
Hotwirez & Swack – Drum Beats.wav
James Nardi & Julian Dwyer – Mad Dogs (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
James Searles – Paranoid (Ben Stevens & Frank Farrell Remix).wav
Jesse Jackson – Do It & Luv (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
John Whitemann – Can’t Beat The System (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Karl Davis & Defective Audio – Elbow Greeze (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Karl Davis & Nick Irwin – I’ve Got Something For Ya (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Kieran Browne – Blood & Nightmares (Ben Stevens & Rodi Style Remix).wav
Lox & Leigh Green vs Anne Savage – Take A Ride (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Mark Kavanagh – Bad Boy 2011 (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Max & Amino – Let The Bass Kick (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Max & Amino – Tequila Hooker (Ben Stevens Re-Rub).wav
Miss Behavin – Such A Good Feeling (The Freak Brothers Remix).wav
Miss Detonate – Arabian Nights (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
MIss Detonate – Your Love (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Miss Detonate & Ben Stevens – Godfather.wav
Morgan – Unstoppable (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Nik Denton – Keep Rockin On (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Nik Denton – Phorever People (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Paul Glazby – Beautiful (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Paul Glazby – Repentant (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Paul King – Kick It In (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Random But Raw – Laid Back Vertical (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Raymondo – Win The Crowd – Win Your Freedom (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Rodi Style – The Growler (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Ross Homson – Chromotap (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
RR Fierce – Miloude (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
RR Fierce – Neurone X (Ben Stevens vs Damien Dobson & Paul Luffman Remix).wav
Skol – Fade (A vs B Remix).wav
Steve Blake – I Get A Rush (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Technikal – Annihilation (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Technikal & Max Mozart feat Farisha – Live Again (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
The Freak Brothers – Ready To Ride (VIP Hoover Mix).wav
The Freak Brothers – Ready To Ride.wav
The Project – Shout It Out (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Third Degree Gurns – 99 Beans And A Gurn Ain’t 1.wav
Third Degree Gurns – Early Gurning Centre.wav
Third Degree Gurns – Gurns Victim.wav
Third Degree Gurns – Handbrake Gurn.wav
Third Degree Gurns – Have Some Foot.wav
Third Degree Gurns – JAWsome.wav
Third Degree Gurns vs The Beast – Cum Face.wav
Tom Parr – Music & Politics (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Tom Parr – No 1 Will Do (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Tomcat – Epic (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Tony De Vit – Splashdown (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Trance-Pennine Express – Don’t Tell Me.wav
Trance-Pennine Express – Forgotten.wav
Trance-Pennine Express – Heaven Sent.wav
Trauma – Black Magic (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
UK Gold – Cuz The House Gets Warm (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Valex – Can You Dig It (Ben Stevens Remix).wav

Ben Stevens Sample Pack

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