The Memories Of Lee Haslam (16GB USB)

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The 7th instalment of the Hard House Producer series  continues with one of the scenes biggest legends stepping to the fore; Lee Haslam!
With an extensive back catalog of Hard Trance, Trance , Tech Trance and of course some early Hard House anthems, this edition of the flagship series from Glamzoo is a must for anyone looking for a more melodic take on harder edge music.

USB features:

  • Over 120 original tracks and remixes
  • Previously unreleased tracks
  • Selection of exclusive DJ mixes.

Checkout the track listing tab below to see the full tracks featured 


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BK & Lee Haslam – Feel Good Inc.wav
BK & Lee Haslam – Infectious.wav
BK & Lee Haslam – Sticks & Stoned.wav
Euphony – Aurora (Original Mix).wav
Euphony – Carte Blanche.wav
Lee Haslam – Antheum.wav
Lee Haslam – Crack On!.wav
Lee Haslam – El Diablo Adentro.wav
Lee Haslam – Equilibrium.wav
Lee Haslam – Evil Intentions.wav
Lee Haslam – Free.wav
Lee Haslam – Get A Grip!.wav
Lee Haslam – Here Comes The Pain (Euphony Remix).wav
Lee Haslam – Here Comes The Pain.wav
Lee Haslam – I Need U.wav
Lee Haslam – Liberate.wav
Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Amber D Remix).wav
Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug.wav
Lee Haslam – Retrospective.wav
Lee Haslam – The Future (Lee’s 2011 Re-Rub).wav
Lee Haslam – Your Serve.wav
Lee Haslam & Peter Berry – State Of Mind.wav
R11 – Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Nick Sentience Remix).wav

Bas And Ram – Octopussy (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Breather – Come On (Euphony Remix).wav
Dave Holmes – Freedom (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Davey Asprey & Steve Allen – Jilted Perspective (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Fast Distance – Elysion (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Hyperlogic – U Got The Love (Lee Haslam’s Unreleased Remix)
Jahawi – Before I Dream (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
K90 – Pity The Fool (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Leibo – Phantomania (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Lisa Lashes – What Can You Do 4 Me (Haslam & Guyver’s Tidy Two Remix).wav
Melodia – It All Comes Back (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Miss Behavin’ – Such A Good Feelin’ (Lee Haslam Vs Guyver Remix).wav
Mr Bishi – I Need (Your Lovin) (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Nurettin Colak – Compassion (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Out Of Office- Natural High (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Paul Todd – Resonate (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Paul “trance” Webster – Istanbul (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Peetu S – Scorpion (Lee Haslam’s Stinger Remix).wav
R7 – Yoda Inc – Definitely (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Rob Tissera Vinylgroover and the Red Hed – Stay (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
San – Dreamweaver (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Sean Tyas – Melbourne (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Shy Brothers – Shake ‘Em (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Signum – What Ya Got 4 Me? (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Steve Morley – Sacrifice (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Stimulant DJ’s – 2 Da Rhythm (Lee Haslam Mix).wav
Stimulant DJ’s – F-ck Da Beatz (Lee Haslam Mix).wav
Suncatcher – Epic (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Taste Experience – Frustration (Lee Haslam Dub).wav
Taste Experience – Summersault (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Technikal Vs LD Concept – This Is Now (Lee Haslam’s Tech Trance Re-Work).wav
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Lee Haslam Tech Trance Remix).wav
Travel – Bulgarian (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Will Atkinson – Lights Out (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Will Atkinson & Nick Callaghan – Until Next Time (Lee Haslam Remix).wav

DJ Only
JDS – Nine Ways (Lee Haslam Remix).wav


Haslam & Dow – Blessed.mp3
Haslam & Dow – Elixir.mp3
Haslam & Mearns – Synthessential (Nenes Tech Remix).mp3
Haslam & Mearns – Synthessential.mp3
Haslam & Mearns – Zippa (Michael Dow Remix).mp3
Haslam & Mearns – Zippa (Original).mp3
Lee Haslam – Carpe Diem (Guy Mearns Remix).mp3
Lee Haslam – Carpe Diem (Seize The Day).mp3
Lee Haslam – Checkmate.mp3
Lee Haslam – Close Encounters.mp3
Lee Haslam – Crack On.mp3
Lee Haslam – Crash, Bang, Wallop!.mp3
Lee Haslam – Edge Of Seventeen.mp3
Lee Haslam – Enjoy The Silence.mp3
Lee Haslam – Get A Grip!.mp3
Lee Haslam – Har-rumph.mp3
Lee Haslam – Kinetic.mp3
Lee Haslam – Moscow Mule.mp3
Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Digital Remedy Remix).mp3
Lee Haslam – O.M.D.mp3
Lee Haslam – Show Me Your White Bits.mp3
Lee Haslam – Terra Ferma (Laura May Remix).mp3
Lee Haslam – Terra Ferma.mp3
Lee Haslam – The Future (Lee’ Haslam’s 2011 Re-Rub).mp3
Lee Haslam – The Future.mp3
Lee Haslam – Twisted Sister.mp3
Lee Haslam – Vengance.mp3
Lee Haslam Feat Tiff Lacey – Calling To Old Souls.mp3


Allen & Donaghy – Dark Matter (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Barbed Wire & Sun Glider – Ruffed Up (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Billy Bunter & A-Project – Can’t Wait (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
BK – Revolution (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Digital Nature & Brisky – Excelsior (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Fast Distance – Elysion (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Flowting – Insomniac (Lee Haslam Edit).mp3
Horse – Careful (Lee Haslam Re-Work).mp3
Jahawi – Before I Dream (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Lee Osborne – Virgo (Lee Haslam’s Down Right Dirty Mix).mp3
Leibo – Phantomania (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Lost Tribe – Gamemaster (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
M.I.D.O.R. – Trillion (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Melodia – It All Comes Back (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Nurettin Colak – Compassion (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Out Of Office- Natural High (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
R.O.O.S – Instant Moments (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Reconceal – Hollow Hope (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
S.E.M.I – Get Out Here (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Sean Tyas – Melbourne (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Shy Brothers – Shake ‘Em (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi Feat Tiff Lacey – Wildfire (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Suncatcher – Epic (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
The Act – Something About You (Haslam & Mearns Remix).mp3
Tigran Oganezov – Neanderthal (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Travel – Indiana Love (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Xenon – September Rain (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3

DJ Only

Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Haslam & Mearns Remix).mp3
Hurts – Wonderful Life (Lee Haslam Remix).mp3
Size 9 Vs Rockafella – I Am Ready (Lee Haslam & Michael Dow Remix).mp3
Tinie Tempah – Pass Out (Lee Haslam Dub Mix).mp3
Tinie Tempah – Pass Out (Lee Haslam Remix Radio Version).mp3
Tinie Tempah – Pass Out (Lee Haslam Uncensored Mix).mp3

Hard House Producer Series Volume 7: Lee Haslam (Disc One) (DJ Mix)
Hard House Producer Series Volume 7: Lee Haslam (Disc Two) (DJ Mix)
Lee Haslam Radio One Essential Mix (2004)
Lee Haslam Galaxy 105 Guest Mix (2002)

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