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The Woolly World Of Digital Mafia (32GB USB)

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The sixth instalment sees one of the scene’s unsung heroes in Digital Mafia, stepping up to the fore with his unique sound that has captivated audiences all over the UK and beyond.

Digital Mafia: a fan of cardigans, big balls of wool and knitted willy warmers.

Also available in 32GB USB featuring over 160 tracks

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Also features:  over 160 original tracks & Remixes  / Previously unreleased tracks / Selection of exclusive DJ mixes.


Track Lists


AJ Myst feat Donna Grassie Devotion (Digital Mafia Remix)
Amber D & Digital Mafia – Bounce
Amber D & Digital Mafia – Wonkey Donkey
Audio Hedz & Digital Mafia – Here To Move
Boy Raver – Dubplate 4 (Digital Mafia & General Bounce Remix)
Boy Raver – The Flow (Digital Mafia & General Bounce Remix)
Charlie Bosh – Dont Go (Digital Mafia Remix)
Digital Mafia – Count On Me (Digital Mafia Big Room Remix)
Digital Mafia  – Count On Me (Digital Mafia Groove Remix)
Digital Mafia –  Time
Cheeky Tracks Remixes:
Tiffany Jackson, General Bounce, Harry Hard – We Don’t Talk (Digital Mafia Remix)
Groove Control – Rob Cain – Okay Roll The Drums (Digital Mafia & Joe Longbottom Remix)
Boy Raver – Dubplate 4 (Digital Mafia & General Bounce Remix)
Groove Control – I Wish You… (Digital Mafia & Josh R U Remix)
Ben Warren & Digital Mafia – Heap Big Fun
Chris Pears – No Where Near (Digital Mafia Remix)
Clayheadz vs Digital Mafia – Pretty Little Things
David Timothy & Digital Mafia – New Emotion
David Timothy x Digital Mafia – Dream Tripper
Dawn Tallman – Teardrops (Headrockers Remix)
Digital Mafia – One In A Million
Digital Madia & Josh RU – Exactly Right
Digital Mafia – Burnin Got U
Digital Mafia – Dirty Cola Whore
Digital Mafia – Do Your Thing (Boom Bang)
Digital Mafia – Everyday
Digital Mafia – Get Down
Digital Mafia – Gotta Get Up
Digital Mafia – I Still Love You (Big Room Mix)
Digital Mafia – I’m Hurt
Digital Mafia – Izzard
Digital Mafia – Liar
Digital Mafia – Mr Postman
Digital Mafia – Sincere
Digital Mafia – Sugar Shack
Digital Mafia & Amber D – Set You Free
Digital Mafia & Ben Carr – It Feels So Wrong
Digital Mafia & Ben Carr – Phunky
Digital Mafia & Brad Millburn – Pay Attention
Digital Mafia & Chris Griffiths – Crazy Love
Digital Mafia & David Timothy – Free Runner
Digital Mafia & David Timothy – Keep On Rising
Digital Mafia & FickleTwitch – I Want U
Digital Mafia & FickleTwitch – Rumour Obsessed
Digital Mafia & General Bounce – Brown Love
Digital Mafia & General Bounce – Chicks With Dicks
Digital Mafia & General Bounce – Dreams
Digital Mafia & Jack Butler – Switch
Digital Mafia & James Revil – Neglect Me
Digital Mafia & James Revill – All I Want Is You
Digital Mafia & James Revill – Burning Inside
Digital Mafia & James Revill – Groovy Pressure
Digital Mafia & James Revill – My Desire
Digital Mafia & Jeff Payne – Chain Of Fools
Digital Mafia & Johny Favourite – Night Train (441 to The Church)
Digital Mafia & Jon BW – On Fire (Feeling Strong)
Digital Mafia & Jordan Southern – Ice Queen
Digital Mafia & Josh RU – Bubble Butt
Digital Mafia & Josh RU – Slicing Bread
Digital Mafia & Kez – I Wanna Freak You
Digital Mafia & Leigh Day – Amanda On The Run
Digital Mafia & Leigh Green – Why Not
Digital Mafia & Lusty – Deep Underground
Digital Mafia & Malicious M – Australian Kiss
Digital Mafia & Malicious M – Let’s Get Down
Digital Mafia & Mike Taylor – Rave To The Grave
Digital Mafia & Miss Detonate – Back & Forth
Digital Mafia & Miss Detonate – I Know You Want This
Digital Mafia & Miss Detonate – Rap Attack
Digital Mafia & Nikki Adams – Dirty Talking Angels
Digital Mafia & Rick James – Jubilation
Digital Mafia & Ryan Walker – Revenge Of The Disco
Digital Mafia & Scott Fo Shaw – Calling
Digital Mafia & Scott Fo-Shaw – 2Night
Digital Mafia & TMI – Soldiers Unite
Digital Mafia & Vandalize – Rumours
Digital Mafia & Venkman – Lucha Libre
Digital Mafia meets Pixiee – Pack Back
Digital Mafia vs Gaz F & Direct – Dear Jesse
Digital Mafia x Griffiths & Thornton – Chained & Able
Digital Mafia x James Revill – All Good
Digital Mafia& Gaz F – What’s This Button Do
Digital Mafia, Gaz F & DKD – Happy Fritag
DJ Flavours – Your Caress (Digital Mafia 2017 Remix)
DJ Ransome – Praying For More (Digital Mafia Remix)
Midi Distortion – Backfire (Let Me See You Dance) (Digital Mafia & Joe Longbottom Remix)
Don’t Look Back – Sexsomnia
Duck & Cover – Big Bad Bells
Duck & Cover – Crazy Little Ritz
Duck & Cover – Hellfire
Duck & Cover – Lemonade
Duck & Cover – Listen To Me
Elivate & Cooki – Sunshine (Digital Mafia Remix)
Digital Mafia – Fierce DJs – Please Don’t Go
F13 – Signum – Just Do It (Trap Two Remix)
F15 – Paul Maddox – Have Faith (Tidy Boys & Trap Two Remix)
Fierce DJs meets Digital Mafia – Please Don’t Go
Gaz F & Digital Mafia – Fly With Me
Gaz F vs Digital Mafia – MicroDave
Headrockers – Push The System
Hilly & Digital Mafia – Lifesaver DJ
Digital Mafia – This Is Radio 4
Digital Mafia – Hooked On (So In Love)
Digital Mafia & Johny Favourite – Teach Me
Jon BW & Bass Jumper – Believe (Tom Revans & Digital Mafia Remix)
Kym Simms – Too Blind To See It (Down & Out Remix)
Leigh Day & Digital Mafia – Fever
LilMiss Jules & Digital Mafia – The Hold Up
Mafia x Griffith’s & Thornton – I’m Watching You
Mariah Carey – All I Want (Duck & Cover’s Untidy Remix)
Matar – Feeling (Digital Mafia Remix)
Mr. Mister & General Bounce – Hoover Groove (Digital Mafia Remix)
Digital Mafia – Boom Ting!
Organ Donors – Ket Is For Horses – Duck & Cover Remix
Prime Attack – I Need Someone Tonigh (Duck & Cover Remix)
Rob Cain Meets Groove Control – Okay Roll The Drums (Digital Mafia & Joe Longbottom Remix)
Sonik & Digital Mafia – OldSkool Party
Steffan David & Amber D – Right On
Steffan David & Maria Di-Tomasso – Let It Move You
Steffan David & Ricky Tommo – Sweet Sensation
Sub Ctrl meets Trap Two – What’s Your Twenty Breaker
Sunset 6 – Revival
Digital Mafia & Rob Crawshaw – Smiles Per Miles
The Spice Boys – If You Wanna Be My Brother
Tidy Boys & Trap Two – TBC98
Trap Two – Can’t Be
Trap Two – Dirty Protest EP 1 – Hip Hop Mohamed
Trap Two – Discolicious
Trap Two – In Too Deep
Trap Two – It Feels So Wrong
Trap Two – Loop Maschine
Trap Two – New Leaf
Trap Two – Our Place
Trap Two – That’s It
Trap Two – Turn Me
Trap Two – Wet Lips
Trauma vs Digital Mafia – Get It Right (Digital Mafia’s VIP Mix)
Venkman x Digital Mafia – Heavens Above (I Can’t Hold)
Simon Parkes – Heartache (Digital Mafia Remix)
Sonik feat Lucy Clarke – Get This Feeling (Digital Mafia Remix)
Tidy Boys & Bk – All Alone (Digital Mafia Remix)
Stereo Slave – Underground (Digital Mafia Remix)
The Sopranos – Underground Sound
Duck & Cover – Preach The Funk

cono001 – Scott Fo Shaw – Gaz F – Get Ya Shit Together – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono002 – RJ & Ruskul – Need Rhythm – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono003 – Shaun Williams – Night Lover – Cosa Nosta.wav
cono004 – Sonik – Digital Mafia – I Still Love You – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono005 – Sonik – Digital Mafia – Am I Crazy – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono005a – Digital Mafia & Sonik – Am I Crazy (Charlie Goddard Remix).wav
cono006 Digital Mafia meets Fierce DJs feat. Tiffany Sparkles – Flugelbinder.wav
cono007a – Digital Mafia – Get Out My Head (Vip Mix) – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono007b – Digital Mafia – Get Out My Head (Original Mix) – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono008 – Digital Mafia – Music For The Masses – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono009 – Digital Mafia – Waiting 4 U – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono010 – Arran Whittaker – Ain’t Nobody – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono011 – Arran Whittaker – Ain’t Nobody (Digital Mafia Remix) – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono012 – Shaun Wiliiams – Cocktails – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono013 – Digital Mafia & Sonik – Bunny Boiler -Cosa Nostra.wav
cono014 – Digital Mafia meets Digital Phase – Tramps End – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono015 – Big Momma – Josh R U – Digital Mafia – Bubble Butt – Cosa Nostra.wav
cono016 – Shaun Williams – Part Time Lover – Cosa Nostra.wav

Digital Mafia – Live From Rejuvination.mp3
Digital Mafia – Winter Wonderland.mp3
Digital Mafia Live from Devious – Closing Set.mp3
Digital Mafia LIVE from Essential Tidy.mp3
Digital Mafia LIVE from Parlez-Vous meets Tidy July 2015.mp3

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