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Girls & Boys Lunch Box Pair (get both and save £2.00)
Just when you thought Tidy had done everything… here comes the Tupperware lunch boxes. Exclusive and never ever to be seen anywhere else in the world or dance industry.
A very good quality rigid plastic sandwich box which could house a couple of sarnies, a Penguin or Club Biscuit and a small pair from Aldi.  Also great for taking salads or pasta dishes to work in.

There lost of ideas for these to store stuff in…. the lid is flat aluminium and could be useful.
The Tidy strip design comes in both pink and blue boxes. This is the double set option saving you £2

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Tidy Tupperware is perfect for children and adults.
Size width 17cm /  length 11cm  / height/depth 5.5cm
Material – Plastic with aluminium lid

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