Whatever Happened To Colin Barratt?


Whatever happened to Colin Barrat? We often ask ourselves this in the Tidy office everyday. Well, after so many years in the wilderness we have managed to track down one of the best producers Hard House has ever seen to provide us with the next instalment of this now legendary album series from Glamzoo.

This CD is dynamic double mix journey into the history of Colin Barratt featuring his many remixes and mixes that have graced some of the biggest labels in the scene.

Disc one sees a showcase of Colin’s solo productions whilst disc 2 throws highlight onto the collaborations and remixes of Mr. Barratt.

(also available as USB Featuring over 100 tracks and remixes from Colin (including racks previously unavailable in digital format))

The Hard House Producer Collection Volume 8 is a must have in any discerning DJs & collectors possession!

Also available in 16GB USB featuring over 100 DJ Friendly tracks

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Track Lists


  1. Colin Barrat – It’s All Hip Hop
  2. Colin Barrat – New Funk
  3. Colin Barrat – Out of Control
  4. Colin Barrat – Take Me Back
  5. Colin Barrat – You Don’t Stop
  6. Colin Barrat – F.U.N.K
  7. Colin Barrat – Crtikal Mass
  8. Colin Barrat – Crank it Up
  9. Colin Barrat – Harder Faster
  10. Colin Barrat – Stalker
  11. Colin Barrat – Unga Sana
  12. Colin Barrat – Stop the Rock
  13. Colin Barrat – Hypnosis
  14. Colin Barrat – Expect The Unexpected
  15. Colin Barrat – Open Your Mind
  16. Colin Barratt – Attack Ya Bitch
  17. Colin Barratt – The BeastDISC TWO
  1. Colin Barratt & Gaz James – Nemesis
  2. Colin Barratt & Ali Wilson – Clueless
  3. Colin Barratt & Andy Farley – Fiesta
  4. Colin Barratt & Charlotte Birch – Beat The Drums
  5. Colin Barratt & Chris Hoff – Start The Panic
  6. Colin Barratt & Sideshow Bob – Fear
  7. Colin Barratt & Lee Pasch – Are We Alone?
  8. Colin Barratt & Phil York – Master Your Fears
  9. Colin Barratt & Andy Farley – Crashed
  10. Jon Bishop – I’m In Control (Colin Barrat Remix)
  11. Wid & Ben – Fight Yourself (Colin Barrat Remix)
  12. Colin Barratt & Charlotte Birch – Got The Green
  13. Colin Barrat & Andy Farley – Stimulate
  14. Colin Barrat & Amber D – Voodoo
  15. Colin Barratt & Andy Farley – Freequez
  16. Lisa Lashes – What Can You Do 4 Me? (Colin Barratt Remix)
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