NG Rezonance & PHD “Worlds Collide” (The Untidy Remixes): 10″ Yellow Vinyl

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Kicking off the 2020 series of releases is the next instalment of the brand new remixes of our latest anthem, ‘Worlds Collide’ by NG Rezonance & PHD featuring Hayley Colleen


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Following on from the huge Hard Trance original mix and Signum remix, it’s time to get deep, dirty and funky. Featuring the long awaited return of the original Untidy Dub producer Paul Janes and Flash Harry – the original creator of the Disco Dubs, it’s time to take things back to the original sound of Untidy.

Both remixes hark back to the vibe of the golden era of Hard House and Untidy in the late 90s, but updated and slammed into 2020 with modern day production values!

Highly collectable and highly sexual.

“One of the best Untidy Dubs I’ve heard in the last 20 years” – Amadeus Mozart, Tidy Boy.

“I’ve never been so excited about ten inches” – Leigh Green



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