One of Tidy’s most loved album series returns showcasing the underground tougher sounds of Hard House music! 

As we enter Tidy’s 25th year we proudly present the 6th instalment of INSOMNIA; stimulating hard house for the restless!
Featuring two of the most revered artists from the UK Hard House scene with Paul Janes in UK Gold guise and Paul King (Trauma, F1, Pants & Corset) stepping up for mixing duties, Insomnia 6 provides a blistering selection of upfront and classic harder edged house music to keep you awake all night long.



UK Gold

  1. Wayne Smart – Sax
  2. Foreign Body – Power Trip
  3. Frankie 4 Fingers – Come On
  4. UK Gold – The Sound
  5. Wayne Smart & Agent Jack – Changes
  6. Amp Attack – Rumble Strip
  7. OD404 – Block Party’ (Amp Attack Remix)
  8. Max Tailwind – Ed The Head (Movin’ House Recordings)
  9. Ilogik – Tronic Equator
  10. UK Gold – Nuclear Shower (Ilogik Remix)
  11. Ben Stevens & Cupra – Black Hole
  12. Costa Pantazis – Katatome (Defective Audio Remix)

Paul King

  1. Paul King vs Bass Jumper – Turn Me On
  2. Craig Jones – Mezmerised (Paul King Mix)
  3. Adrenaline Dept – I Got U
  4. Trauma vs Digital Mafia – Get It Right
  5. Trauma vs Rob Tissera – My Eyes
  6. Trauma vs Ilogik – Give Yourself To Me
  7. Trauma Vs John Weatherly – Rok Da Beat (Matt Clarkson Remix)
  8. Trauma vs Kirsty Lee James – The Hustler
  9. Craig Jones & Andy Farley – Git Up (Paul King Remix)
  10. Marc Lewis & Matt Clarkson – Dirty Growler
  11. Trauma – Wanna Ride (Seanie Jackson Remix)
  12. Trauma vs Matt Clarkson – Give In
  13. Trauma vs James Nardi – Eternal Life
  14. Trauma vs Dawn Lee – Final Warning
  15. Pants & Corset – Malice In Wonderland (Ben Stevens Remix)