Love Tidy

Here we see 12 key tidy artists contribute to the album and provide a harder sound track for the new generation. This album is designed to show the broad range of Hard Dance diversity that tidy incorporates into its label, events and with its DJs. Tidy artists Lisa Pin UP, Rob Tissera, Anne Savage, ilogik, The Tidy DJs, Paul Maddox, Guyver, Kym ayres, Rodi Style, JP & jukesy, Jon BW and Garbo have all contributed to the project. Each artist has remixed a tidy anthem of their own choice exclusively for the album along with two other tracks that showcase each DJ s particular sound perfectly. Every sub genre of Hard Dance is included from Tech Trance, Hard Trance, Hard House, NRG, Bounce and funk, there is something for every tidy fan no matter what your preferred taste is. The album has actually been mixed by the DJs, with each artist cutting, scratching and beat juggling their way through their own 3 track mini mix on the album!


Mix 2.

  1. Take Off (Garbo Remix) – Stimulator
  2. Damage – BK & Garbo
  3. Avalancha – Neal Thomas
  4. Feel Good Inc – BK & Lee Haslam
  5. More Power – Scott Attrill
  6. Hellraiser (2009 Remix) – Anne Savage
  7. The Hacker – Guyver & Neal Thomas
  8. Ripped Out (Guyver Remix) – Riot Brothers
  9. I Got to Believe – Guyver & Amber D
  10. Crazy Love – Stimulant DJs
  11. Play (Kym Ayres Remix) – Stimulator
  12. Guitar Hero – Kym Ayres
  13. Mesmerized (Rob Tissera & Technikal Remix) – Paul Maddox
  14. Raise Your Hands – Rob Tissera
  15. Free Falling – Rob Tissera & Technikal
  16. Tronic Equator – Ilogik
  17. Feel the Pressure – Ilogik & Dave Owens
  18. Dominator (Ilogik Shrink Wrapped Remix) – Human Resource

Mix 1.

  1. What a Great Drug (Cheeky Trax Remix) – Sy & Unknown
  2. Ready to Rock – Total Control
  3. Let’s Do It Now (Lisa Pin-Up Remix) – Brain Bashers
  4. Turntablism (The Tidy DJs Ass Scratchin’ Remix) – Organ Donors
  5. Council House (The Tidy DJs Tower Block Remix) – Jon BW
  6. The Homecoming (Magna Theme) – Tidy Allstars
  7. Borrowed Milk – Jon BW & Scott Fo Shaw
  8. Closer (Jon BW Remix) – K Series & Technikal
  9. You Better Run for Cover – Stimulant DJs
  10. Rush On Me (Paul Maddox Remix) – Amber D
  11. Hallelujah – Rich Resonate
  12. Melting Pot – Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox
  13. Orly Ya Rely – Rodi Style
  14. Can’t Let Go (Rodi Style Remix) – Olive Grooves
  15. Cross Format Focus – Rodi Style
  16. Malice in Wonderland (JP & Jukesy Remix) – Pants & Corset
  17. The Track With No Name – Defective Audio vs. JP & Jukesy
  18. K Tel (James Nardi Remix) – JP & Jukesy