Oldskool Autopsy - Organ Donors

After a string of ground-breaking dance floor fillers from their first album Plastic Surgeons, including 4 Tribes and Blackout (the first two vinyl only releases in ten years to make the National top 40) and the massive European anthems What’s up? and. 99.9! The long awaited follow up, Oldskool Autopsy is here!

Taking us back to where it all started and injecting a lethal dose of modern technology, raw passion and 15 years of production experience, Oldskool Autopsy takes a carefully selected crop of some of their most influential tunes from the past 20 years, from artists such as KLF, Joey Beltram, Massive Attack & Moby, and a host of groundbreaking tracks, rave anthems and acid house classics from as far back as the late 80’s and gives them a well-deserved surgical makeover.

If you witnessed the dawn of rave culture, have experienced the evolution of hard dance, or are just curious about the modern dance music revolution then either way this album is for you.

“This album is dedicated to those who remember the days and for all those who still have those days to remember. BRING BACK THE OLDSKOOL!!”


1. Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy
2. Organ Donors – What Time Is Love
3. Organ Donors – Activ8
4. Organ Donors – Go
5. Organ Donors – Made In 2 Minutes
6. Organ Donors – Acid In The System
7. Organ Donors – Good Life
8. Organ Donors – 2v231
9. Organ Donors – Teardrop
10. Organ Donors – Moog Eruption
11. Organ Donors – Mentasm
12. Organ Donors – Super Mario Brothers
13. Organ Donors – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
14. Organ Donors – 9 Is A Classic
15. Organ Donors – Inner City Life